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Giclee Print Services
A. No, there are no costs to the to be an Arttra artist.
A. Arttra offers high-end photography for Arttra members at no cost. Arttra will shoot and create the high resolution files for reproduction and the low-res files for the website at no cost. The files are to be held with Arttra so they are accessible when a reproduction is ordered from the site. The files can be available to the artist for a small fee.
A. No, we don’t offer frames for reproductions, some of the “Original Art” comes with frames, and that is based on what the Artists provides us with the original art.
A. The split on “Original Art” sales is 65/35 (Artists/Arttra) On reproductions the split is 50/50 and Arttra covers the costs of making the reproductions.
A. The Committee usually meets on a weekly basis, and Artists are notified the following week.
A. Yes, we offer a 10% discount for art students and instructors.
A. No, we don’t hold any of the art with the exception of the time we need to photograph the art for reproductions and the images used on the website. Generally we only need the art for a 24 hr period.
A. Our Feature Artist on the home page is a paid spot that an Arttra artist can purchase. That space sometimes is shared with up to two other artists, contact us to find out the cost. We also have a featured artist at our “brick and mortar” location, that artist is selected by Dennis Dierks, the owner of the business.
A. Yes, if you sell a piece of art outside our website you just need to notify us that the original is sold, however we are still allowed to sell reprints of the piece as long as the contract indicates. If the piece is a “exclusive” piece with Arttra and under contract, we will require the agreed upon commission.
A. Arttra artists will be paid at the end of the month which it was sold and payment received.
A. Arttra spends a lot of time promoting the site by paid ads with Google and Facebook, we also post on our Twitter and Pinterest sites as well. In addition to web advertising we send out direct mail to buyers of art.
A. No, at this time we do not offer links to personal websites.

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