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Giclee Print Services
How It
It’s pretty simple. We are here to help you the artists promote and sell your work and take care of the “business” aspects of doing such. Here is the simple steps to participate.

1.) SUBMIT SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK – Our approval committee meets weekly and will look and discuss your work and make a decision if an invitation to show on our site will be extended to you.
2.) MAKE AN APPOINTMENT – once accepted make an appointment with a staff member.
3.) SIGN THE AGREEMENT – Agree to commit to a 90 day period for your artwork to be displayed on our site. Agree to give ARTTRA four (4) pieces of art (this is the minimum required to be on the site). You can show as many pieces as you would like.
4.) HAVE YOUR ART PHOTOGRAPHED – The first 4 pieces are photographed free of charge. After that there is a minimal charge of $10 for each additional piece. We also will accept high quality images of art if you prefer.
5.) FILL OUT THE SIMPLE FORMS – A small form needs to be filled out for each piece with information that we will put on the site such as name, description, media and price of the original and for reproductions if so desired.
6.) WHEN AN ORIGINAL SELLS – ARTTRA takes care of collecting from the buyer, the artist will need to get the original to the ARTTRA office within 48 hours of the sale for the client to pick it up. The artist will need to sign the Certificate of Authenticity and will receive 65% of the sale within 30 days. Checks are made to artists at the end of each month.
7.) WHEN A GICLÉE SELLS – ARTTRA takes care of collecting from the buyer. The print is produced within 3 days of the order, the artist will need to inspect, sign, number the Certificate of Authenticity and sign the print. ARTTRA assumes the cost of producing each piece. The artist receives 50% of the sale within 30 days. Checks are made to artists at the end of each month.
8.) SMILE – Your work is now in the hands of an admirer!

Your Art
As a Kansas City artist, you are always seeking ways to show your work, especially to the residents and businesses of the Kansas City area. Arttra offers you the opportunity to show your work to area interior designers, patrons and art lovers. Artists may post their work FREE; you only pay when your work sells.
If you wish, we also offer reproductions of your art in a signed and limited edition format. Our Giclée prints are the highest quality.
Arttra constantly promotes this site and its artists to ever-wider populations of potential consumers. Our marketing reaches out through Facebook, Twitter and WordPress sister sites to reach as many consumers as possible.
Artists may also choose to purchase featured advertising in strategic areas of this site.
Placement Opportunities

Featured Artists:

We reserve the highest visibility right side of the front page for three artists to share front-page exposure. In that area, artists can display one sample piece along with their headshot photo, bio and a link to their personal gallery within the site that shows the four exclusive pieces they have selected to promote on Arttra.
Center Museum Artwork:
We offer the main image on the front page to three artists to share in an ongoing rotation for site visitors. All three artists are seen be each visitor.
Artist Directory:
Every artist is listed FREE in an alphabetical directory with a headshot photo that links to his or her personal gallery page.