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Founded in 2011 by Dennis Dierks, Arttra loves art. Arttra was established on behalf of the Greater Kansas City area artist’s community to provide an outlet of local art to the community. It is our goal to serve area artists in the marketing side of their efforts – to expose their art as widely as possible to potential buyers in the community. Equally, we work to provide the widest possible access to local art talent for the population, serving designers, developers and residential consumers. We exist to bring art and artists together with area patrons and anyone who loves art.

Kristin Dierks
Kristin Dierks
Dennis’ daughter and right hand person helping to run Arttra
Robert Moore - Web Developer
Robert Moore
Web Developer/Master
Founder of Arttra, Dennis is a lifelong resident of Kansas City and attended the Kansas City Art Institute. He has a successful career working in the area's fine arts and commercial art arenas. In addition to drawing, design and illustration in a variety of media, Dennis is a technical expert in computer graphics and prepares online art for corporations, small businesses, galleries, designers and private clients. Arttra is Dennis's dream to unite creators with those who appreciate local art.